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Truth is, little is known about this magnificent estate and its grounds except that it was built in the 1970s. Historical records of the Villa’s inception were destroyed in a fire at the local county courthouse in 1978. The purchase, permits, and construction of the Villa were lost. We do know the original owner was of Italian descent, but why he created this feast of Mediterranean architecture in the heart of Colorado remains a mystery.

And so, this beautiful enclave, which boasts no aging documents of its pedigree seems to have written its own history- one of celebration, tinkling toasts and the promise of love. Oh, the many occasions that these walls have commemorated! The Villa’s lovely rooms and elegant halls have soaked up the joy of brides and grooms, wit of business men and women, adorning families and the countless moments of gaiety and a million heartfelt laughs. Its legacy is captured in wedding albums and partakers memories. The Villa Parker’s history is one of families, co-workers, and friends who have come together for great occasions. Its story unfolds with each sweet moment of celebration.

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